How Is This Even A Close Race?

Hey everyone,

Now I know that my inaugural article should be about, well, a review that I should officiate over. However, I see it more prudent to discuss something that affects everyone: the presidential election. I would like to start by reviewing that. I think the main thing to get out of the way is that its embarrassing. This the best we have to offer? This is a clear example of why this particular (300 year old) rule that our forefathers had set in the “two term president” is utterly ridiculous and archaic now given the choices we have. America was different back then. Ideals were clear, money was less motivation, it was about freedom and honor and thats what it was meant to uphold. Of course, men who were used to being ruled by one guy in tights only to be ruled by his spoiled son when he dies were going to start a country that wouldn’t have the same leader for too long. Kings tend to have egos, and when they have other mens’ lives at their disposal, then a simple insult, could turn into thousands of lives ending. That’s literally what it was like back then. So, the same type of man that our forefathers worked so hard to escape, now has an insanely realistic chance at becoming the leader of the world’s largest military force and nuclear arsenal. It’s scary. What’s worse is that we got him here. He is a shining example of how stupid we can be. We are the most easily sold and manipulated country. We eat up the irreverence because its different from what we are used to. But, he knows that, and that’s why he does it. Its win win for him, either he becomes president or put his stamp into the history of our country. It couldn’t be for money, he has that! It is for EGO. We need to make sure that we don’t make that stamp, a permanent one. It could change our lives forever.

So, my suggestion, is to look at this entire debacle from a different perspective. We are, essentially, a large corporation. Every citizen in the US is a member on the board of directors. Like a normal corporation, when we are making more money, the board of directors does better. We do better. When we do better, our stock performs better and thus it goes on and on. But now, suddenly, for some stupid 300 year old rule in a rule book written only during the day because there was no light that couldn’t be blown out by a breeze, we are getting rid of our CEO. This outgoing CEO, is definitely better than the last, but didn’t quite meet the expectations that were met by the one before the last. That one, was responsible for this country’s largest economic expansion in over 3 decades. He left (was forced out of) his position leaving 500 Billion dollars in the bank for us idiot shareholders. Somehow, we made it this far, barely.

So now, here we are. We now have two candidates for the position, let’s look at their resumes. Remember, we are choosing the one who is going to run the BUSINESS the best. Not the one who SAYS he or she will. So, we sit down with the first candidate. Strangely orange and loud. We ask the candidate what they would do at the CEO of The United States of America position and the candidate simply responds how great he is going to be, how great he is going to make it, how great his staff will be. It’s going to be huge, and he is going to do it. He is going to make it the best, most wonderful country ever and he is just going to do it. Literally, no plan, or course of action, just that he will……do it. He then says that the other candidate is a liar and is ugly. He then adds, that regardless of her years of service and experience for the USA, she sucks and he is better. We then look at the resume. Countless bankruptcies, public humiliations, and countless lawsuits from SHAREHOLDERS of BUSINESSES that he TOOK CHARGE OF, manipulated to get what HE NEEDED, and then JUST WALKED AWAY. Those shareholders left to pick up the pieces. All for his Ego.

Although, we should be doing the whole “we’ll get back to you” and never call him routine, we instead are seriously considering this lunatic. But ok, its what our great geezers wanted, so now lets take a look at the next candidate for the position.

A woman walks in, because we are progressive like that. She responds to our questions of how she will fill the position with detailed and logical responses. She outlines and addresses each of our concerns, and clearly knows what it takes to fill the position. We look at her resume now, and we see she has been serving the United States of America, INC for a number of years. Although, her performance was shaky at times, she got the job done. Oh, and a little note here, SHE WAS MARRIED TO THAT SAME GUY BEFORE THE CURRENT GUYS LAST GUY THAT PUT US IN THE ZONE!!! So you’re telling me, that we either hire this chick and her “nothing but net” husband that was SO DAMN GOOD at his JOB, he still had the time to mess around behind her back and still cruise through to the end of the term OR we hire this insane asshole who hasn’t said a word other than huge, great, big, and ME ME ME ME?!

You would think the choice is obvious. But its not, and that’s because, like reviews, people don’t care about whats behind what they see. They just see whats on the surface. This site is dedicated to this idea of becoming more educated on facts and less on what is said. People only want a result at the end of the day. But most people don’t understand that a result whether it be the success of a nation or you working with a debt company or you working with a web site designer or you working with a lawyer, the success, takes work and it can’t be guaranteed. But, people want that assurance so bad, that they believe anything they hear closest to their intended result.

When it doesn’t work out, that’s when they finally learn their lesson (sometimes). But for us, here at USA INC, we may not have the luxury of another shot if we make this mistake. Let’s look at facts and not listen to simple words. A word is only as good as the man (or woman) that gives it. I hope we can recognize that before its too late.

Your Pal,


The Ref Has Arrived!

Everyone has an opinion. Wait, I misspoke, I meant to say that everyone has a g^@%!&# opinion. Hey, its a free country, so of course! For the most part we keep them to ourselves, as we should! Barring extreme circumstances, no one’s opinion is better or correct over someone else’s. People are allowed to think what they want to think. However, when an individual or company’s livelihood and ability to thrive is at stake, opinions begin to matter. The internet has become a powerful tool for the consumer.

However, a tool once used for good to help protect them has been turned into a weapon wielded by them. On occasion, the big guy becomes the little guy. So, when the big guy turns into the little guy then who is looking out for the little big guy when the little little guy is turning into the big big…guy. Get it? That’s where The Review Ref comes in, I take a look at a complaint filed by a consumer and investigate BOTH sides, give BOTH sides a chance to give their side of it….and then I do a little side investigation and presto! I give you my honest, objective opinion on what most likely actually happened. It’s fair. If we do it in a court of law, wouldn’t it be fair to use the same process here? A review is a review, but a review backed by evidence is the truth. Stay tuned.

Your Pal,
The Review Ref